Long Lived imapd processes

Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Tue Apr 15 09:40:30 EDT 2003

Earl R Shannon wrote:
> Hello,
> Running Cryus IMAP V 2.1.11 on Solaris 7
> We have been finding long lived imapd processes on our imap server. Some
> approaching thirty days. A truss of these processes show that they are
> not doing anything except receiving a noop from the client every ten
> minutes or so. This resets the timer which allows the process to remain.

Right.  Somebody has a client just sitting there polling the server. 
Why is this a problem?  As long as the server responds, its doing its

> My question is: what if anything do others on this list do about these
> situations? I am concerned about killing imapd processes and what it may
> eventually do to the master process.

As it currently stands, if you kill an imapd process otu from under
master, master will think it is still active and will assume that it can
service requests.  If you do this enough, master won't spawn any more
imapd and no clients will be serviced.

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