Long Lived imapd processes

Tom Karches twk at ncsu.edu
Tue Apr 15 21:13:05 EDT 2003

Scott M. Likens wrote:

> Cyrus as a software package cannot and should not modify it's base for 1-2
> users.  Because you have abusive users towards your system, you should not
> hold it against us.

I never asked anyone to change the server. I never said our users were 
abusive. Just wanted to know how to safely kill a connection. I know 
which ones I want to kill.

> It's that simple,
> You want to fix it, restart the server yell at the user.  Simple enough?

We considered restarting the server, but that kicks everyone off.

If yelling, simple as it is, did any good, I would consider it.

Larry's answer (use SIGTERM) was exactly what I was looking for.


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