SASL2 didn't support Pam authenticate directly, did it?

John Alton Tamplin jtampli at
Thu Apr 17 10:23:54 EDT 2003

Do Duc Huy wrote:

> I 've had too much headache with sasl2 and pam problem for two week. 
> At last, I think may be sasl2 didn't support PAM authenticate 
> directly. It only support pam with saslauthd. But I 've not found any 
> infomation in SASL web site yet.
> Is thre any one know why pam authenticate directly was not supported 
> in sasl2. How must I do if I want to upgrade my system from sasl1?
> Any idea would be greatly appreciated.

The reason saslauthd is required is so it can have root privileges 
(required to read the shadow file and for some things in PAM) without 
requiring the application using the SASL library to have root privileges.

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