Determining who put a message into a mailbox

andrew at pi-mail.Armstrong.EDU andrew at pi-mail.Armstrong.EDU
Mon Apr 21 12:51:51 EDT 2003

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I have a cyrus mailbox which our users can drag SPAM messages into to report
them.  I would like to find a way to tell which user placed a message in a
mailbox so that I can tell them what we did with it.

I was hoping to just look at the received: line, but that line is absent
in some cases.

Is there a way to add header information when the message is moved
to the mailbox so that I can see who put it in there?

If that is not possible can I get the server
to log the username and message ID when messages are moved into a mailbox?

Any other suggestions?

Andrew Eason	System Administrator	andrew at

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