Configuring notify and/or zephyr.

Mark London mrl at PSFC.MIT.EDU
Tue Apr 22 17:34:56 EDT 2003

Hi - On redhat linux 8.0, I've compiled cyrus with zephyr and attempted to use
it with cyrus, no error messages in config.status after the compile.  However,
when I send mail to myself, I get no notifications.  Is there any debugging I
can turn on it order to help me figure out the problem?  Will zephyr work with
cyrus but without using kerberos?  I can use zwrite to send messages to
myself, with class of either mail or sieve, so I assume cyrus should work.  
Any suggestions would be appreciated (or alternate notification methods that I
can try instead).
I made a .sieve file that looks like this (.sieve works fine for other things,
so I know it's getting executed.)

require ["fileinto","notify"];
require "notify";

notify :message "Important message";
notify :method "zephyr" :message "Important message";
.zephyr.subs  Looks like this:


Thanks. -   Mark

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