performance of imap_open: is 5-15 secs normal?

Sergey Mukhin info-cyrus at
Wed Apr 23 04:29:18 EDT 2003

As soon as it was mentioned, I have same issue running
cyrus-2.2 on FreeBSD. At least, it takes about ten seconds
to authorize pop3 user. Had no time to research that yet;
it's just slightly annoying.

>>>>> "B" == Bill McCoy writes:
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B> Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 14:37:59 -0700

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B> Hello,

B> I am hoping to migrate from Exchange to "real" IMAP for an application that
B> combines normal mail client use with a custom PHP presentation of certain
B> mailboxes. On a vanilla RedHat 8.0 install on a half-decent machine (dual
B> PIII 800Mhz, 1gig RAM)  I have removed UW imapd and installed Cyrus from
B> Simon Matter's RPMs. However, I noted that imap_open is very very slow
B> against this system, taking close to 5 secs from IIS+PHP running on a
B> Windows machine on the same local network and a whopping 15 secs from
B> Apache/PHP running on the same machine (localhost). Whereas it's only .06
B> secs to imap_open from the same Windows machine against a local (but not
B> same machine) Exchange server. Other imap calls (imap_getmailboxes,
B> imap_fetchoverview) are a bit slower against Cyrus than against Exchange but


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