performance of imap_open: is 5-15 secs normal?

Bill McCoy Bill.McCoy at
Wed Apr 23 15:05:13 EDT 2003

Thanks for the ideas. Re: lack of entropy & /dev/random: I followed the
advice in the "Cyrus SASL for System Administrators" docfile with the SASL
distribution and updated cyrus-sasl on my system to 2.1.13, rebuilding from
the source tarball with DEV_RANDOM changed to "/dev/urandom" in config.h. It
took some futzing around to get rid of the 2.1.10 RPM and get saslauthd
going etc. but it is working now, but unfortunately exhibiting the same
behavior: 4.5 secs to imap_open from a Windows box, 15 secs via localhost.
Testsaslauthd succeeds and returns instantly which also doesn't seem like it
would happen if entropy was the issue. Finally, telneting in and doing a ".
LOGIN user pwd" by hand succeeds instantly from the remote box and
localhost. If anyone can shed further light on this I'd appreciate it.
Meantime I guess I have to start doing some connection spying & tracing...

--Bill McCoy

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