performance of imap_open: is 5-15 secs normal?

Ken Murchison ken at
Wed Apr 23 16:43:06 EDT 2003

Bill McCoy wrote:
> Thanks for the ideas. Re: lack of entropy & /dev/random: I followed the
> advice in the "Cyrus SASL for System Administrators" docfile with the SASL
> distribution and updated cyrus-sasl on my system to 2.1.13, rebuilding from
> the source tarball with DEV_RANDOM changed to "/dev/urandom" in config.h. It
> took some futzing around to get rid of the 2.1.10 RPM and get saslauthd
> going etc. but it is working now, but unfortunately exhibiting the same
> behavior: 4.5 secs to imap_open from a Windows box, 15 secs via localhost.
> Testsaslauthd succeeds and returns instantly which also doesn't seem like it
> would happen if entropy was the issue. Finally, telneting in and doing a ".
> LOGIN user pwd" by hand succeeds instantly from the remote box and
> localhost. If anyone can shed further light on this I'd appreciate it.
> Meantime I guess I have to start doing some connection spying & tracing...
> Sigh.

If a telnet and auth by hand succeeds, then your problem is most likely

Which part of the connection are you saying is slow?  The initial
response from the server, or the authentication?

In the future, you can test connect/auth from localhost a lot easier by
using the imtest/pop3test tools that come with Cyrus.

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