Problem compiling cirus-imapd-2.2 (cvs 22042003)

Nikola Milutinovic Nikola.Milutinovic at
Thu Apr 24 03:02:45 EDT 2003

Rob Siemborski wrote:
> Okay, given the problems people are having with this I'm going to revert
> the change.
> Nikola, if you could be more specific with what problems you were having
> that would be helpful.

OK, here goes.

I have PERL-5.8.0: Threading: Multi-iThreads

I compiled Perl package for Cyrus and installed them, no obvious errors (some 
warnings on ptr type mismatch - "char *" and "const char *", but this is usual 
for most packages so far).

When I tried to run "cyradm", I got an error. Perl complained on loading 
"" that there was an unresolved symbol "Perl_sv_setsv".

The online docs for Perl mentioned that *that* function is retired and that 
"Perl_sv_setsv_flags" should be used instead. Compiling installing and running 
the same setup on Perl-5.6.1 went without a glitch (if I disregard my personal 
misunderstanding of SASL authentication, which was corrected by Ken Murchinson).

So, I knew my installation of Perl-5.8.0 was to blame.

Looking deeper into Perl docs, I found a note and confirmed it in *.h files of 
the Perl itself, that programmers are supposed to use macro "sv_setsv" instead 
of directly calling "Perl_sv_setsv*", since that macro will not change and will 
expand to what the actual version of Perl is using as API.

When I changed "Perl_sv_setsv" to "sv_setsv" and compiled it on Perl-5.8.0, 
"cyradm" started working and correct function was being used.

One other Perl fan (not of this list) commented that there is a "compatibility 
switch" ("PERLPOLUTE"?) when building Perl, so that it would still support old 
API. I havent found this while configuring Perl, but from the docs I'd gather 
that using iThreads would turn it on automatically.

The error that you guys are reporting is strange. "sv_setsv" is a macro which 
expects 3 parameters. "Perl_sv_setsv_flags" is a function which also expects 3 
arguments. How did you end up with 4 is beyond my understanding.

Anyway, this patch is working on Cyrus 2.1.12 and Perl-5.8.0, as reported by one 
  other member of this list. It would seam that 2.2-alpha is problematic.


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