cyrus-imapd 2.2 alpha running very well

dimon at dimon at
Thu Apr 24 13:51:48 EDT 2003

Also I figured out that I'm able delete ACLs using IMP's ( "Share 
Folders" Settings (I'm using webmail which is written on PHP)
So that means the problem somewhere in cyradm or perl modules or installation. 
I'm using perl 5.8.0 from FreeBSD ports collection and compiled cyrus 2.2a --

And the other problem right now is that I can't set ACL's for users who are not 
in the default domain:
localhost> sam user/dmitry user/dmitry at lrswipcda
setaclmailbox: user/dmitry at lrswipcda: Invalid identifier

I cannot do that using cyradm and IMP both, and error is always the same: 
Invalid identifier

Any help would be appreciated

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