cyrus-imapd 2.2 alpha running very well

Carl P. Corliss rabbitt at
Fri Apr 25 23:21:08 EDT 2003

On Friday 25 April 2003 05:19 pm, dimon at wrote:
> > try: sam 'Shared Folders/test at' group:mailusers read
> >
> > I believe that's the correct format... (could be wrong)
> No, still doesn't work :-(

Here's an example of me creating a shared folder for (non-default) 
domain and giving access permissions to the user 
rabbitt at (previously created):

note: below you can see that the user 
rabbitt at already exists:
--------------------------------------> lm *rabbitt at
user/rabbitt at (\HasNoChildren)

note: now I create the shared folder called
'shared' for the domain, ''
--------------------------------------> cm shared at

note: now I check it to make sure it's there.
notice how it doesn't say 'user/' in front of 
it like the user rabbitt at does.
This means it's a shared folder - although, 
depending on you're settings, it could (although, 
I'm not positive) actually show something like
share/shared at - sidenote: My 
sharedprefix is set to 'share' in imapd.conf.
--------------------------------------> lm shared at
shared at (\HasNoChildren)

note: now I give permission for rabbitt at
to read from the shared folder. notice the syntax for a 
-non- default domain:
sam <folder at domainXYZ.tld> <user at domainXYZ.tld> <perms>
--------------------------------------> sam shared at rabbitt at read

note: now I check to make sure that rabbitt at
has the rights I set for it:
--------------------------------------> lam shared at
rabbitt at lrs
anyone lrs

w00t - it worked :)

ok, now specifically regarding your situation where you are using groups, I 
haven't really played with that but, I would suspect that it would definitely 
-not- work if the users in the group are not of the same domain. However, 
according to your example they are.  Considering I haven't used groups in 
acl's as of yet, I'll have to bow out of explaining that one :|

Good luck :)

Carl P. Corliss
System Administrator / Developer
Xaraya Web Application Framework Project

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