sendmail + cyrus-imapd domains problems

Nikola Milutinovic Nikola.Milutinovic at
Thu Apr 24 07:22:34 EDT 2003

Danny García Hernández wrote:
> i have cyrus-imapd v2_2 prealpha and sendmail 8.11.6
> my sendmail recognize this cyrus mailer as cyrus and  don´t like cyrusv2
> mailer. then i don´t have a cyrusv2.m4 file into my sendmail-cf directory.
> can i use this sendmail version with this configuration?

With Cyrus and Sendmail combo you can use both cyrus_v1 and cyrus_v2 mailers, 
sice Cyrus 2.1.x has "deliver", but it might become obsolete and we are all 
advised to move to cyrus_v2.

Cyrus v1 uses "deliver" program for delivery, while Cyrus v2 uses LMTP daemon, 
via UNIX and/or TCP socket. I think "deliver" from v2 is just a front-end to 
LMTP submission via socket.

So, use v2.


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