lmtpd case sensitive?

Jeff Gustafson cyrus-imapd at zimage.com
Mon Apr 28 05:08:04 EDT 2003

Phil Brutsche wrote:
> Jeff Gustafson wrote:
>> 	Using 2.1.11 cyrus or the latest 2.2 alpha with postfix produces 
>> '550-Mailbox unknown' if the recipient address has any capitals in it.  Is 
>> this proper behavior?  I assumed that email addresses were case 
>> insensitive.  What's worse is that it's inconsistent:

> To answer your initial question: yes, lmtpd is case sensitive.

> It didn't give you an error above because lmtpd (as of 2.1.x, no idea 
> about the upcoming 2.2.x) ingores the domain; if you had tried

> rcpt to: JeffGus at YYYYYYYYY.COM

	Are you sure?  Check this out:
rcpt to: JeffGus at XXXXXXXXXXXX.COM
250 Ok

	But the message *will* bounce as soon as it tried to deliver it.  
That's why I think it's inconsistent.  Postfix thinks it's fine, but cyrus
lmtp doesn't.  The rcpt to: should match the actual delivery, shouldn't
it?  For example, if I type a invalid username at domain.com, postfix
responds with a 450 user unknown error.

> The fix I have used for this situation is to force the MTA to pass the 
> recipient information to lmtpd in lower case.  I don't know how to do 
> this with Postfix, however.  I can tell you how to do it with Exim :)

	I'll look into it.  I figure there is probably a way to do it.  It 
just seems to me that lmtp shouldn't care if the smtp server doesn't.


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