Problems with Sieve

Peter Burggraef usenet-peter at
Mon Apr 28 14:27:50 EDT 2003

Am Montag, 28. April 2003 15:58 schrieb John Alton Tamplin:
> Peter Burggraef wrote:
> >I'm searching for the strange behaviour of my cyrus21 (debian) server.
> > After running fine for 4 weeks, it stopped filtering my mails into some
> > and not all directories via sieve. Instead the mails were delivered  into
> > my usermailbox. I would like to know the reason? I have no idea. After
> > stopping und restarting the service, it worked properly. Should I restart
> > the service daily via cron?
> What version of db are you running?  On Solaris 9, I had similar
> problems (open returning ENOSPC) after a few weeks of uptime with db
> 4.1.24/25, which went away after downgrading to 4.0.14.

How can I find out the version?

What can I do, if I don't want to downgrade?

> Your duplicate delivery database is corrupted.  If it is unavailable for
> whatever reason, sieve can't process any messages.  You need to recover
> your duplicate delivery database, or just delete it and recreate it
> since it doesn't hold anything that will cause a lot of pain if it is
> lost (your users may see duplicate copies of messages from mailing lists
> that are still in flight).

I think that happend, when I restarted the service. Is that true?

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