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Mon Apr 28 11:26:03 EDT 2003

Christian Schulte wrote:

>> See
>> incorrectly marked as a duplicate of
>> Bye 
> If you put
> user_pref("mail.check_all_imap_folders_for_new", true);
> in your .mozilla/default/prefs.js Mozilla knows to check each IMAP 

Yes, I have had this setting for ages, and it is what trigger the 
problem (I think)

> folder for new messages. You'll have to shutdown Mozilla before adding 
> that line because otherwise Mozilla overwrites it the next start! I am 
> using Mozilla mail with cyrus on Windows and Linux for years and 
> ...hmm... never saw that problem ! Have that problem only with Outlook 

That's because you're using an older (working) version of mozilla. I saw 
this problem starting with 1.3. Up 1.2.1 it worked fine.

> and there I know that it is about Outlook opening a new imap connection 
> for each folder it checks messages in which mozilla does differently!

Mozilla uses a number of imap connections settable per server.
With the following preference

user_pref("mail.server.server1.max_cached_connections", 2);

it should use maximum two connection to server1.

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