[Sieve] "Temporary" (?) delivery failures

Alexander Skwar lists.ASkwar at email-server.info
Mon Apr 28 10:55:56 EDT 2003


I'm using postfix 2.0.9-2.01, cyrus21 2.1.12-0woody.13.0 and libsasl2
2.1.10-0.woody.1 on a Debian Woody server.

There, "I"'ve written a small test Sieve script with Ingo from Horde:

require ["imapflags", "fileinto"];

# Neue Regeln
if header :comparator "i;ascii-casemap" :contains "Subject" "LoeschMich"  {
    addflag ["\\Seen", "\\Answered"];
    fileinto "INBOX/Foo";
    removeflag ["\\Seen", "\\Answered"];

Now, when I send myself a message with the Subject: "LoeschMich", the
message gets stuck in the queue.  mail.log shows:

Apr 28 16:52:01 email-server postfix/qmgr[27382]: 7EC91177620:
from=<ASkwar at email-server.info>, size=3036, nrcpt=5 (queue active)
Apr 28 16:52:01 email-server cyrus/lmtpd[4065]: dupelim: eliminated
duplicate message to user.alexander^skwar^email-server^info.Foo id
<200304281420.h3SEKdq18702 at mailgate5.cinetic.de>
Apr 28 16:52:01 email-server postfix/pipe[4017]: 7EC91177620:
to=<alexander.skwar.email-server.info at hetzner.email-server.info>,
relay=cyrus, delay=1826, status=deferred (temporary failure)

Why did the message get stuck?  Is the script wrong?  It *should* add
some flags and file the message in the folder INBOX/Foo.  The message
should not be processed by any other rules (if there were any, that is...).

Is that whwat the script does?


Alexander Skwar
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