grenoml grenoml at
Mon Apr 28 15:31:46 EDT 2003

  I've been reading the Postfix-Cyrus-Web-cyradm-HOWTO and would like
to know what portion of this howto is NOT possible using just RPMs on
RH8.0 or RH9?

I have the following RPMs:
MySQL 3 (comes with RH9)
DB4 (Berkeley - comes with RH9)
OpenSSL 0.9.7a (comes with RH9)
Cyrus-SASL2 (comes with RH9)
Cyrus-IMAP 2.2.0A (beta src RPM from Simon Matter)
Postfix 2.0.8 (src RPM from Simon Mudd) (set to use mysql)
pam-devel 0.75 (comes with RH9)

pam_mysql 0.5 (srctar)
webcyradm 0.5.3 (srctar)
Does anyone have any RPMs for these two?

How do I configure the src RPMs for Cyrus-IMAP and Postfix so that they
will link correctly with MySQL and SASL?

I'm trying to get to a solution where all you need to do is install a
certain set of RPMs and you have everything you need.

gerry reno

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