Debian Postfix backports and SASL2

Markus Welsch markus.welsch at
Tue Apr 29 09:46:11 EDT 2003

 > Well, IMHO it's not really clean at all that /var/run is completely 
 > But what do you dislike?  Moving the socket into the postfix chroot?  Or
 > creating the links?  The mysql link is not really needed as it's easy to
 > configure the location of the sock in my.cnf.  Same for the saslauthd 
 > The links from /var/run -> /var/spool/postfix/var/run are
 > "compatability" links for "legacy" applications, so to speak.  As far as
 > these applications are concerned, the links are not needed.

Moving the socket in the postfix chroot of course. Well you always limit 
your capabilities since then you can't run mysql chrooted. Except you 
have a chroot location where both mysql and postfix are in ... and this 
is bullshit ... the only solution away from this is a tcp connect ... so 
running mysql not bound to the loopback device (like it's default in 

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