Debian Postfix backports and SASL2

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Tue Apr 29 10:45:56 EDT 2003

Markus Welsch schrieb:
>  > Well, IMHO it's not really clean at all that /var/run is completely
> wiped...
>  >
>  > But what do you dislike?  Moving the socket into the postfix chroot?  Or
>  > creating the links?  The mysql link is not really needed as it's easy to
>  > configure the location of the sock in my.cnf.  Same for the saslauthd
> link.
>  >
>  > The links from /var/run -> /var/spool/postfix/var/run are
>  > "compatability" links for "legacy" applications, so to speak.  As far as
>  > these applications are concerned, the links are not needed.
> Moving the socket in the postfix chroot of course. Well you always limit
> your capabilities since then you can't run mysql chrooted. Except you
> have a chroot location where both mysql and postfix are in ... and this
> is bullshit ... the only solution away from this is a tcp connect ... so
> running mysql not bound to the loopback device (like it's default in
> debian).

Isn't it possible to do the bind mount trick on Linux to get access to
the same socket from within several chroot jails?


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