Recover from a failed rename operation ?

Christian Schulte cs at
Wed Apr 30 20:32:34 EDT 2003

Rob Siemborski wrote:

>On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, Christian Schulte wrote:
>>I just added a new partition to my cyrus-installation and tested to
>>rename a users' INBOX to move it to that new partition. Here I made a
>>mistake. The file-permissions of the new partition were incorrect so
>>that cyrus was not able to move the INBOX to the new partition because
>>of "permission denied". While cyrus trying to create
>>/newpartition/domain directory I got permission denied error. What now
>>happened is that the INBOX has gone completely also on the old
>>partition. Even running ctl_cyrusdb -r "that INBOX" did not bring it up
>>again and that INBOX keeps missing in mailboxes.db ! Any chances to
>>reconstruct it anyways or have I lost it ? The data in
>>/oldpartition/domain/etc... got deleted so I think I lost it...Would it
>>be possible to only delete data from the old partition if the actual
>>move to the new partition was successfull ? Glad that I tested it before
>> starting to move my users to the new partition ;-)
>I agree, this behaviour is incorrect.  However, I cannot replicate this.
>Atleast not in full.
>Here is what I tried to do:
>I have a mail server with 2 partitions, /imap/u1 and /imap/u2, and a
>mailbox "user.cyrus" on /imap/u1.  In /imap/u2 I change the permissions of
>/imap/u2/c to be owned by root (not cyrus), and mode 700.
>Renaming user.cyrus to the new partition generates a System I/O error, and
>(sadly) the mailbox dissapears from the mailbox list (obviously
>incorrect).  The data is still in the original location, however.

I did a cvs update and played a bit with cyradm and rename and now do 
get the System IO Error in cyradm and the mailbox  does not disappear in 

>The data in /oldpartition/domain/etc... got deleted so I think I lost it...

Of course I lost it by something else I was doing before starting to rename mailboxes !


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