Updating /seen from concurrent sessions

Lawrence Greenfield leg+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Dec 17 22:53:28 EST 2002

--On Friday, December 13, 2002 12:52 AM -0500 Jay Levitt 
<jay-cyrus at shopwatch.org> wrote:

>> I believe I've fixed this bug in CVS (did it a few days ago, actually)
>> and it'll be in the next release.
> If I understand correctly, this fixes the flat-file seen implementation,
> but not the underlying problem, which is that updates to seen are
> deferred until the connection is closed.  Am I following?  If so, is
> there any chance of updating more frequently in a future release?  OE is
> certainly a popular client, and it sounds like Mozilla has the same
> problem.  I can duplicate this at will in OE with a skiplist seen db.

I have no plans on changing how seen state is currently cached. We haven't 
had any complaints from our users and (now that we found the cyrusdb_flat 
problem) it doesn't seem like it is that huge an uissue for most other 
sites, either.

The only time I can see this changing is if someone decides to abstract out 
all flags equally so that we can have shared seen or private deleted flags, 
etc. How flags are written back would be an obvious thing to add to such a 


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