Shared folders and virtual domains ?

Christian Schulte cs at
Mon Dec 2 19:10:10 EST 2002

Ken Murchison wrote:

>Christian Schulte wrote:
>>I am running 2_2 cvs branch with virtual domain support turned on and
>>everything seemd to work fine. I now wanted to move my old installation
>>to the new one and cannot get delivery to shared folders working.
>>If I create a shared folder with cyradm like:
>>$>cm sharedfolder
>>I cannot do
>>$>sam sharedfolder user at domain lrswipcda
>>and get
>>setaclmailbox: user at domain: lrswipcda: Invalid identifier
>>If I create a shared folder with cyradm like:
>>$>cm sharedfolder at domain
>>I can do
>>$>sam sharedfolder at domain user at domain lrswipcda
>>and the user can subscribe to the folder and sees it on the same level
>>than his inbox as expected. If I now setup sendmail to send via the
>>cyrusv2 mailer with an address like +sharedfolder at domain I get the
>>following errors in the logs which I do not understand ! What is wrong
>>here ?
>>Nov 15 02:55:33 mail lmtpunix[8259]: [ID 921384 local6.debug] accepted
>>Nov 15 02:55:33 mail lmtpunix[8259]: [ID 685068 local6.debug] lmtp
>>connection preauth'd as postman
>>Nov 15 02:55:33 mail lmtpunix[8259]: [ID 152585 local6.error] couldn't
>>create stage directory: : No such file or directory
>>Nov 15 02:55:33 mail lmtpunix[8259]: [ID 519036 local6.error] IOERROR:
>>creating message file 8259-1037325333: No such file or directory
>>Nov 15 02:55:33 mail sendmail[8262]: [ID 801593]
>>gAF1rq13008256: to=<+sharedfolder at domain>, delay=00:01:41,
>>xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=cyrusv2, pri=210378, relay=localhost, dsn=4.2.0,
>>stat=Deferred: 451 4.3.2 cannot create temporary file: No such file or
>Sorry for the delay, but I finally got a chance to look into this. 
>Cyrus isn't the problem here, the problem is that the MTA is stripping
>the domain off of the recipient address when it gets passed to lmtpd.
>Try changing the cyrusv2 mailer definition to use:
Does not work either! I had


in my cyrusv2.m4 file and changing it to


produces the same error! sendmail delivers correctly to lmtpd, I think:

20776 === CONNECT localhost
20776 <<< 220 XXXXXXXX LMTP Cyrus v2.2.prealpha ready
20776 <<< 250-XXXXXXX
20776 <<< 250-8BITMIME
20776 <<< 250-PIPELINING
20776 <<< 250-SIZE
20776 <<< 250-AUTH EXTERNAL
20776 <<< 250 IGNOREQUOTA
20776 >>> MAIL From:<test at> SIZE=1076 BODY=8BITMIME
20776 <<< 250 2.1.0 ok
20776 >>> RCPT To:<+sharedfolder at domain>
20776 >>> DATA
20776 <<< 250 2.1.5 ok
20776 <<< 451 4.3.2 cannot create temporary file: No such file or directory
20776 >>> QUIT
20776 <<< 221 2.0.0 bye
20776 <<< [EOF]

And the logfile states the same errors ! What makes me a bit confused is 
the error message itself. lmtpd is trying to create a temporary file but 
the error is "No such file or directory". Is it a missing directory or 
wrong permissions on a directory ?

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