PostgreSQL backend: a waste of time?

Nicola Ranaldo ranaldo at
Tue Dec 3 04:20:06 EST 2002

> That being said, I really think that using an RDBMS for the simple
> key/value pairings that cyrus needs is really unnecessary and reeks of "I
> want to use a buzzword" more than being a real solution.
> -Rob

Oh! finally a negative response :)
Howewer this solution is *real* for me, I solved all my problems! It is
stable and fast, more then bdb, and I don't know if I can trust skiplist
over alphaserver (now).
But another main reason is that I hold in the same database user passwords
and other accounting informations, imp prefs/addressbook, and all my
sendmail maps (Yes! also virtusertable!). And all these fields are trigger
protected in the RDBMS solution. This gives more flexibility and integration
in my informative service.

I think I am not alone in this!

Best Regards

    Nicola Ranaldo

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