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Jason Novak jason at
Mon Dec 2 12:17:32 EST 2002


I am extremely new to cyrus and I have the following technology stack.
I'm using Sendmail as an MTA and Cyrus as the POP/IMAP server.  From the
Pop side my messages come in perfectly.  I imagine this is being done by
copying to /home/$USERNAME/mbox from /var/mail/$USERNAME.  I've tested
the IMAP piece by setting up a new account on an IMAP compatible email
client and it seems to be connecting.  Ive created and deleted mailboxes
and it seems to be ok.  I've even installed SquirrelMail and noticed my
newly created mailboxes.  The only problem is I can't see any incoming
mail!  There is an inbox but there doesn't appear to be a link to the
/var/mail/$USERNAME or /home/$USERNAME/mbox.  I've done some reasearch
and noticed that there is a script out there called user2cyrus but
apparently I am missing a Base 64 module.

My first question is, am I missing a step in this whole process?  If
not, is there some step by step approach to convert my
/var/mail/$USERNAMEs manually (There are only about 10)?

I appreciate any help you can provide!  :)

Best Regards,


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