cyradm: how to quote mailbox (folder) names for special characters (space and '&') - not escaping

Hasso Meyer-Jordan meyer-jordan at
Tue Dec 3 19:20:29 EST 2002

Hi Cyrus fellows!

cyradm (Cyrus 2.0.16):
Does anyone know how to quote mailbox (folder) names for special character 
matters (space and '&') in cyradm commands? Not escaping!

Like this (but it doesn't work):
setaclmailboxes "user.user1.Sent Items" adminuser lrswipcda

Neither double qoutes ("...") nor single quotes ('...') work.
By the way: escaping with backslash (\) for single special character(s) works 

For script usage with files with lists of mailbox names escaping isn't easy - 
list files had to be inspected for special characters and the escaping of it 
had to be developed additionally.

Thanks, Hasso

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