Massive mailboxes + migration - Inviting problems?

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Wed Dec 4 07:17:22 EST 2002

Chris Nolan schrieb:
> Hi all!
> I administer a server that runs the almighty Cyrus v2.0.16. One user has
> a total of 4.3 GB in the folders under their Inbox.
> Some mail messages are apparently getting lost when sent to this person.
> Is there any sort of limit (size of messages, number of messages, number
> of folders, amount of recurssive mailboxes etc) that can cause problems?
> I've just done a reconstruct -r and am hoping for the best.
> Additionally, I am looking at migrating to either the latest version of
> Cyrus or DBMail + MySQL w/ InnoDB. If I migrate to the latest version of
> Cyrus, will recreating the mailboxes, copying over the contents of the
> /var/spool/imap/user/ directories and doing a reconstruct on all of them
> do the job of getting everything ready?
> If I migrate to DBMail, does anyone have any scrips to assist in this task?

Did you try DBMail? I like the idea but when I tried it, I wasn't too
happy with it. No sieve, no ACLs IIRC. And, most important, performance
was _much_ worse than Cyrus (well, my testbox wasn't very powerful).

Migrating should be easy because there are some tools around. Check the
list archives.


> For those that want to know, the current box (the one having problems),
> runs Mandrake 8.1 (Kernel 2.4.8) with ReiserFS.
> Chris

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