Problems with cyrus-imapd 2.1.11 under Solaris 8

Oleg Derevenetz oleg at
Thu Dec 5 14:22:31 EST 2002

Hi all,

I have a problem with cyrus-imapd 2.1.11 working under Solaris 8. Imapd 
was built with gcc 2.95.3 and configured with following options:

./configure --with-cyrus-prefix=/usr/local/cyrus

This is a piece of cyrus.conf file:

   imap1 cmd="imapd -C /usr/local/cyrus/etc/1/imapd.conf" 
listen="[]:imap" prefork = 0
   pop31 cmd="pop3d -C /usr/local/cyrus/etc/1/imapd.conf" 
listen="[]:pop3" prefork = 0
   imap2 cmd="imapd -C /usr/local/cyrus/etc/2/imapd.conf" 
listen="[]:imap" prefork = 0
   pop32 cmd="pop3d -C /usr/local/cyrus/etc/2/imapd.conf" 
listen="[]:pop3" prefork = 0

When some pop3d dies with signal (i.e. SIGTERM), all incoming 
connections to corresponding address:port are hangs. For example, if I 
have pop3d running on, and issue a command:


and then

$ telnet 110

I couldn't see pop3d banner after successful connection. Looks like all 
incoming connections to this address holds in kernel queue and doesn't 
reach accept(). Last message in log is "process PID exited, signaled to 
death by 15".

In the same time all connections to are successfully 
completes and I can see a standard pop3d banner.

Any ideas ?

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