Problems with cyrus-imapd 2.1.11 under Solaris 8

Nicola Ranaldo ranaldo at
Fri Dec 6 03:40:09 EST 2002

I think master would check exit value of its childs and decrement the number
of ready_workers.


    Nicola Ranaldo

> When some pop3d dies with signal (i.e. SIGTERM), all incoming
> connections to corresponding address:port are hangs. For example, if I
> have pop3d running on, and issue a command:
> $ kill PID_OF_THIS_POP3D
> and then
> $ telnet 110
> I couldn't see pop3d banner after successful connection. Looks like all
> incoming connections to this address holds in kernel queue and doesn't
> reach accept(). Last message in log is "process PID exited, signaled to
> death by 15".
> In the same time all connections to are successfully
> completes and I can see a standard pop3d banner.
> Any ideas ?

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