DBERROR: Cannot allocate memory

Rob Mueller robm at fastmail.fm
Mon Dec 9 00:38:57 EST 2002

Thanks for this info. Probably should have done a search of the db3 docs, I
just assumed it was a system thing. Duh.

For anyone else experiencing this problem, the relevant docs are here:


The line you want to add to the DB_CONFIG file is:

set_cachesize gigabytes bytes nallocations_to_breakinto

The default size (which cyrus uses) is 256kb


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> > This is probably more a berkeley DB question, but I'm wondering if
> > else has seen this. Every now and then we see this in our imap log.
> >
> > Dec  5 20:39:47 server2 lmtpd[24962]: DBERROR db3: Unable to allocate
> > bytes from mpool shared region: Cannot allocate memory
> > Dec  5 20:39:47 server2 lmtpd[24962]: DBERROR: mystore: error storing
> > <xxx at yyy>: Cannot allocate memory
> [...]
> > Anyway, has anyone else experienced this, or know of a solution?
> This probably means you need to increase the size of one of the db memory
> pool, also known as the cache. It has nothing to do with system shared
> memory: the db memory pool is an mmap()d file in the db/ directory.
> You can do this by making a DB_CONFIG file in the db/ directory that
> contains... lemme see... if it contains "set_cachesize <gigabytes>
> <megabytes> <kilobytes>" that should override what Cyrus compiles in with
> the set_cachesize() function call.
> Larry

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