Different type of message store

Rob Mueller robm at fastmail.fm
Sun Dec 8 02:35:44 EST 2002

> Depending on how much of the message store API you mean, you're looking at
> atleast index.c, append.c, and mailbox.c.
> If you want to worry about the mailbox list, mboxlist.c.
> If you want seen state as well, seen_db.c.
> You'll probably want to look at user.c as well.
> > what must be done in order to have a different message store backend
> > that contains the email messages.
> A very large amount of work.
> I wouldn't be surprised if alot of the other code has assumptions about
> the implementation of the mail store in it that will break if you try to
> change its implemenation, so the above list is just a start.

Has there been any thought in spending some time cleaning up the code to try
and stop these assumptions all over the place and create some better
abstractions? Clearly cyrus has been a project that's evolved over time, and
the code is where it is now because of the evolution over time, but some
time spent fixing old assumptions and some old programming practices would
certainly help with the speediness and correctness of future coding?


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