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Harrie Hazewinkel harrie at inet.it
Mon Dec 9 17:40:58 EST 2002


On Monday, December 9, 2002, at 04:58 PM, Rob Siemborski wrote:

> On Sun, 8 Dec 2002, Rob Mueller wrote:
>> Has there been any thought in spending some time cleaning up the code 
>> to try
>> and stop these assumptions all over the place and create some better
>> abstractions? Clearly cyrus has been a project that's evolved over 
>> time, and
>> the code is where it is now because of the evolution over time, but 
>> some
>> time spent fixing old assumptions and some old programming practices 
>> would
>> certainly help with the speediness and correctness of future coding?
> Its something we're not adverse too, but don't have specific plans to
> spend time on.
> I know for one I've been wanting to clean up the mboxlist API, which
> really took a beating during the murder development.  (Though, its
> probably the most separate part of the API at the current point).

Just curious. I am looking into this for our IMAP service and
I am interested in this (I started the thread).
Maybe I can contribute parts of code (depends a bit on our
internal way forward) and  therefor I would like to
know how you 'vyrus-developers/maintainers' see this.
You have CVS access or prefer to have just patches, ....


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