Problems with ./configure on SunOS 9

Carson Gaspar carson at
Sun Dec 8 17:30:02 EST 2002

--On Wednesday, December 08, 2027 11:13 PM +0100 user01 at wrote:

> Laurent Larquère wrote:
> Thank you very much ! We´ve tried it this way now. And ... IT WORKS ! :)
> It´s been a long time now that i´ve had my hands on a non-linux system
> and so i relied 100% on the configure-script :/ I thought it is
> supposed to do things properly, you know :)

The cyrus configure scripts still need some work. Does anyone know if they 
work with the current autoconf yet? I've been waiting for that to happen 
before I go in and fix the pathing problems, as I really am not set up to 
test autoconf 2.13.


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