How to use non-ascii charsets with sieve?

Mark Keasling mark at
Mon Dec 9 05:53:37 EST 2002


Can someone give me "how to" pointer...

I need to know how to use non-ASCII text in sieve scripts.
For example: using Japanese in message headers or mailbox names.

For example a message has a subject as follows:

    題名: アクセシビリティセミナー報告

it is MIME-encoded as:

    Subject: =?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCJSIlLyU7JTclUyVqJUYlIyU7JV8lSiE8SnM5cBsoQg==?=

<script language="sieve" version="RFC-3028">
  # pretend this is encoded in UTF-8

  require ["reject","fileinto"];

  if header :contains "Subject" "セミナー報告"
    fileinto "セミナー報告" ;

I don't know how the make timsieved decode mime headers or
MUTF-7 encode mailbox names.

Mark Keasling <mark at>

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