How to use non-ascii charsets with sieve?

Tim Showalter tjs at
Mon Dec 9 21:01:54 EST 2002

> >First, our Sieve implementation currently doesn't deal with RFC 2047
> >encoded headers---or rather, it just compares the undecoded headers
> >against the UTF-8 string. This is obviously a bug which sadly isn't in
> >bugzilla.
> >
> >Ken and I talked (a long time ago) about this. The main issue is that
> >Cyrus's character comparison routines remove whitespace and always
> >perform casemapping, and this is probably inappropriate for Sieve's
> >use. Fixing this is probably not difficult, but I'd prefer not to have
> >multiple different canonicalization tables.
> I _think_ I still have the code around which implements the Sieve
> charset tables and does the rfc2047 decoding.  I don't recall why we had
> to have the separate tables however.

different comparators would require different tables, I think.  The 
table Cyrus usually uses isn't suitable for i;ascii-casemap since space 
isn't significant, but transcoding to UTF-8 and doing a dumb comparison 
is all that's required, a big improvement on what Cyrus is doing now, 
and not hard to implement.


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