Question: How to specify path to saslauthd mux socket in imapd.conf?

Kevin M. Myer kevin_myer at
Mon Dec 9 17:03:33 EST 2002

As usual, I find the answer in the documentation shortly after I release my
question to the list.  You can specify sasl_saslauthd_path in imapd.conf and
that works.  What doesn't work is that the SASL documentation claims that:

saslauthd_path  SASL  Library  Path  to  saslauthd  run directory (not
   including the "/mux" named pipe) system dependant

I couldn't get it to work without including the /mux named pipe, both when
launching saslauthd with the -m option and in imapd.conf.  I'm not subscribed to
the sasl list so maybe someone who straddles both lists can commit a fix (or
maybe I'm reading the documentation wrong, in which case I need to commit a fix
to my brain).


Directory is /var/test
named pipe should be /var/test/mux

If I start saslauthd with:
saslauthd -m /var/test -a ldap

and include in imapd.conf:
sasl_saslauthd_path: /var/test

saslauthd complains that:
 FATAL: /var/test: Address already in use

Including the mux named pipe causes this to work so I think the documentation
should read that you DO need to include the mux named pipe or maybe the
saslauthd_path option should be changed to saslauthd_mux_path.

Now I just need to test and make sure multiple different instances of saslauthd
don't clobber each other's internal structures.

FWIW, this is on Red Hat Linux 7.1 (and a half because I ended up backporting so
many packages from newer releases) on Intel hardware.  Kernel is 2.4.9-smp-34 -
I'll probably be updating to RedHat 7.3 over Christmas break.


Kevin M. Myer
Systems Administrator
Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13
(717) 560-6140

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