using Murder for migration from UW IMAP

Jeremy Rumpf jrumpf at
Mon Dec 9 19:47:29 EST 2002

On Monday 09 December 2002 06:37 pm, John Alton Tamplin wrote:
> Would it be possible to use Murder to migrate from UW IMAP?  I have
> Cyrus setup and running on a new machine, but the problem is that taking
> everything down and converting all the mailboxes would be too much
> downtime (2-3 days).  What I was thinking of is setting up a frontend
> server with UW IMAP and Cyrus as the backend servers, with the initial
> mupdated database showing all the mailboxes were on the old IMAP server.
>  UW IMAP isn't going to talk to mupdated, but if no mailboxes are being
> created there it seems like that won't matter.  As each mailbox is moved
> to the new server, the master list of mailboxes is reflected to update
> the new location.
>  From my inspection of the documentation and some of the code, it looks
> like this should work with a couple of caveats (during the transition,
> users have to be prevented from creating new mailboxes -- this can be
> hacked in the code, and connections that have been referred to the old
> server have to be broken when the mailbox is transferred).  Does anyone
> see a reason why this won't work or any other gotchas to watch for? 
> Thanks.

You might also want to consider using the perdition IMAP/Pop3 proxy. It's well 
suited for something like this since it can use LDAP, MySQL, PostreSQL, and 
local GDBM databases to lookup the real server for users.


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