sieve and unixhierarchysep

Joseph Scott joseph at
Tue Dec 10 18:00:14 EST 2002

	I've been using websieve for a small mail server and have been
quite happy with it.  However I've now run into an issue with what appears
to be sieve and unixhierarchysep not wanting to play nice together.

	For users with . 's in there username everything works fine.  For
users with . 's in there username imap works fine, but auth against sieve

	I've emailed the author of websieve thinking that this may be an
issue with just that software, but I'm now suspect that sieve itself
doesn't want to play with usernames that have . 's in them.

	Does anyone have sure fire way that I can test this directly
against sieve?

	Has anyone had any luck with websieve and . 's in usernames?



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