how to rebuiild mailboxes.db ?

Mike Cathey mpcathey at
Wed Dec 11 13:05:08 EST 2002

On Tue, 2002-12-10 at 19:02, RJ45 wrote:
> I got my mailboxes.db  mangled because of a file system problem.
> I cannot even delete or modify quota of some accounts anymore, it tells me
> mailbox format is invalid.
> How can I rebuild the whole mailboxes.db file?
> is it possible to fix mailboxes.db ?

I've been waiting for one of the veterans on the list to reply to this
one.  Maybe I've missed the post.

I've been using Cyrus in testing for ~1.5 months.

I ran into a 'problem' during testing that may be related to the one
you've encountered.  I started out using the bdb backend.  During
testing, I moved  (as in /bin/mv) a physical mailbox (in
/var/spool/imap), and then tried to pop a message.  It looked like the
daemon tried to open the non-existent directory and when it failed, it
wrote an error something like this in the mailboxes.db (where the
mailbox def for the directory I moved was supposed to be):

System I/O error: no such file or directory

None of the methods that I tried (dumping to text, recovery, etc.)

FWIW, I tried the same thing with the skiplist backend and it didn't
have this problem.


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