how to rebuiild mailboxes.db ?

Lawrence Greenfield leg+ at
Thu Dec 12 18:20:47 EST 2002

   From: Mike Cathey <mpcathey at>
   Date: 11 Dec 2002 13:05:08 -0500
   I ran into a 'problem' during testing that may be related to the one
   you've encountered.  I started out using the bdb backend.  During
   testing, I moved  (as in /bin/mv) a physical mailbox (in
   /var/spool/imap), and then tried to pop a message.  It looked like the
   daemon tried to open the non-existent directory and when it failed, it
   wrote an error something like this in the mailboxes.db (where the
   mailbox def for the directory I moved was supposed to be):

You shouldn't do this. Use the rename command inside of cyradm or any
IMAP client.

You can (using cyradm) delete the old mailbox name and create the new
mailbox name. You then want to reconstruct the mailbox, which you can
either do from cyradm or by running /usr/cyrus/bin/reconstruct.

   None of the methods that I tried (dumping to text, recovery, etc.)

Why should they work? Mucking around with the mail spool is like
editing internal data structures.


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