Sieve works but vacation / reply messages do not.

John Straiton jsmailing at
Tue Dec 10 21:38:17 EST 2002


Setup: FreeBSD 4.7-STABLE -> Postfix 1.1.11,1 /Cyrus 2.1.9

I think I'm really close on this one but don't know where to go next...I
have working rules as far as "move to this folder" and "discard
silently" and such go.. But vacation messaging isn't working as it
should. Here's what happens...

I set up a rule that says if my email "jks at" sends a message
to my other address, jks2 at then reply with a vacation
message.. I send a message to the jks2 at address and jks2
gets it, but jks never gets the reply. Here's what's in my syslogs:

Dec 10 19:38:57 courier postfix/qmgr[10185]: 0229C55853:
from=<jks2 at>, size=12000, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Dec 10 19:38:57 courier postfix/pipe[12416]: 0229C55853:
to=<jks at>, relay=cyrus, delay=0, status=sent

Mx1 is the real hostname. Clickcom addresses are all in the virtual
users table. I would guess my problem is that it's replying to the
translated email address instead of back to the original sending
address. Or maybe it's cause the pipe isn't working, but I don't see any
error messages regarding that..   

Thoughts, ideas of where I should look next??

John Straiton
jks at
Clickcom, Inc

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