DBERROR: skiplist recovery errors

Rob Mueller robm at fastmail.fm
Thu Dec 12 21:10:07 EST 2002

> I don't think I've ever heard of a filesystem that mingles more than
> one file in a single block. (If they do, it's certainly news to me,
> and no reasonable model can be made that will deal with it.) The "out

ResierFS does this (though you can turn it off). One of it's claims is that
it happily supports 100,000's of small files in a directory, all b-tree
indexed and stored in sub-block amounts. They say ResierFS 4 will be
exposing a transaction API in userspace apparently to deal with all these
issues of atomicity and files. I'm still not sure whether they think they're
a filesystem or a database. (sound like anything else recently... longhorn)


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