A beginner question

Erik Enge eenge at prium.net
Wed Dec 11 10:07:00 EST 2002

Jonas Jacobsson <jonas at cytech.nu> writes:

> How can I do to filter incoming mail to different IMAP folders?  On
> the Cyrus homepage, something called Sieve is mentioned. How do I use
> this? What package should I install? How do I use it with Cyrus IMAP?

Like Rob said, upgrade to something more recent (check out the cyrus21
Debian packages).  When you've done that, make sure you are starting the
'timsieved' process - check your /etc/cyrus.conf.

Then it's just a matter of doing something like.

  sieveshell --user=<username> --authname=<if-other-than-username> <hostname>

Examples of Sieve scripts and more resources can be found here:


I've been using Sieve in production for about a month or so now and I
don't think I could live without it.  :-)


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