Slow LIST command

Jeremy Rumpf jrumpf at
Thu Dec 12 12:36:24 EST 2002

> Cyrus doesn't do anything to increase the BDB cache
> size, and the default (256 kB) is way too small for any reasonably large
> site. With some 50000 mailboxes and random operations, I found the hit rate
> for default BDB cache to be 70-80%. After growing the cache size to 2M, hit
> rate approached 99% and disk traffic was greatly reduced since most of the
> operations are reads anyway. Therefore processes could complete their work
> and release their locks much more quickly, and the dreaded "DBERROR: xxx
> lockers" messages stayed at a comfortable level.

Out of sheer curiosity. I'm assuming the skiplist backend also uses an in core 
cache as well? If so, is it also tuneable or does it dynamically extend 


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