Slow LIST command

Connie Starr Fensky cfensky at
Thu Dec 12 14:49:42 EST 2002

I got skiplist to work temporarily on my HP-UX 11.0 development box by
commenting out the code that searches through the entire mailboxes.db file
for the user you are trying to delete (having permissions on someone else's
mailbox, that is). Then, the little testing I did worked great. In our
school, very few people use Mulberry, which is the only client I know of
that will allow you to give someone else permission to your mailbox, so
taking care of the lurking permissions by hand with cyradm is much quicker
and more efficient!
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> Rob Siemborski wrote:
> [skiplist]
> > No, it doesn't have a specific in-core cache, it relies on the
> > cache alone (it mmap()s the db file and uses that directly).
> Can you tell offhand if it does any of the mmap() stuff that's a no-no
> on HP-UX platform (eg. same process mapping two overlapping areas, or
> the files directly while something is mmapped)?
> I had to stay with Berkeley on HP-UX since skiplist became unusably slow
> with map_nommap. Curiously, at first it seemed to run just great, but
> an entire user took ages. I was just thinking if it was worthwhile to try
> making skiplist code use the real mmap() and have the rest of Cyrus still
> using map_nommap, since I know that part not to work otherwise.
> --mika

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