cyrus-2.2-cvs: virtualdomains and sendmail virtusertable (cyrusv2 as local mailer)

Jonathan Marsden jonathan at
Tue Dec 17 19:55:09 EST 2002

On 16 Dec 2002, Christian Schulte writes:

> By the way:

> +`R$=L < @ $=w . >	$#_LOCAL_ $: @ $1`@'$2	special local names

> What defines class L ? It seems like I do not have a so called class L!

In my proto.m4 and it says:

# class L: names that should be delivered locally, even if we have a relay

But the definition of that class is commented out:

#CL root

So most likely that line is not really used in either of our
configurations.  We don't use relay hosts; if we did, this would
probably matter.

> And what does the first @ character in $#_LOCAL_ $: @ $1`@'$2 stand
> for ?

I don't know for sure!  I think that is a 'marker' that later rules later notice and remove.  It was there in the
original rules I modified, so I left it there :-)

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