Cyrus Startup-Check

Patrick Boutilier boutilpj at
Mon Dec 16 08:49:44 EST 2002

A sleep command in your script will probably do the job in the meantime.

sleep 60

before you start fetchmail will wait 60 seconds for cyrus to be up and 
running for example.

Christian Bomhardt wrote:
> Hallo,
> I run cyrus with fetchmail. Every night, a cron script stopps cyrus and
> fetchmail, tars the mail folders and restarts cyrus and fetchmail. My
> problem is, that fetchmail is too fast and tries to deliver mail via lmtp,
> before cyrus is ready - so the mail is moved to the local root mail account
> and not into the cyrus mail spool.
> Has anybody any Idea how to check if cyrus is ready to receive mail before
> restarting fetchmail from within a cron script?
> Second: the syslog is flooded with "imapd[xx]: startttls: ... login: ...
> "-messages. How can this be stopped?
> Thanks,
> Christian Bomhardt

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