Huge Inbox

Jules Agee julesa at
Wed Dec 18 12:59:25 EST 2002

You didn't say what platform you're using... if you are running Cyrus 
with the mailstore on a traditional UFS or ext3 filesystem you might 
start seeing the filesystem become a bottleneck if a single mailbox has 
a lot of messages. We run Cyrus on Linux and also have a lot of users 
with very full mailboxes. Using ReiserFS makes a noticable difference 
for a lot of our users, and in overall server load.

Wander wrote:
> Some of our users really doesn´t have much time to decrease the INBOX, neither 
> distributing messages across subfolders or deleting it as fast as could be 
> necessary and as consequence, theirs INBOX are growing and growing and making 
> things very slow... I´m figuring out how many admins could have the same 
> problem and if someone already had implemented a solution against this kind of 
> user. One idea could be implement a kind of INBOX maintenance like the one 
> implemented to sent-mail.
> Any experiences with that?
> Thanks
> Wander
> PS: We´re using Horde 2.1/IMP 3.1/PHP 4.2.2/HTTP 2.0.39
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