Sieve logging - Vacations failing

John Straiton jsmailing at
Thu Dec 19 15:00:11 EST 2002

> The response is done with lmtpd.c:send_response().  The 
> command line is:
> sendmail -i -f <> -- rcpt
> I'm not a Postfix expert, but IIRC Postfix doesn't like the 
> empty Return-Path being specified by '-f <>'
> You could try it without this option.  If this doesn't fix 
> it, then I'd start by testing a redirect action, since it is 
> much less complex than vacation.

Ok, I'll try that out and see where that gets me. I suppose I could also
try putting a copy of a real sendmail somewhere, then try pointing
imapd.conf to it instead.. 

I'll fill everyone in once I try that.


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