[PATCH][CVS IMAPd 2.1] lmtp_downcase_rcpt implementation (Re: Case Sensitivity)

Amos Gouaux +archive.info-cyrus at utdallas.edu
Wed Dec 25 13:09:14 EST 2002

>>>>> On Wed, 25 Dec 2002 00:37:19 -0600 (CST),
>>>>> Scott Smith <scott at lackluster.net> (ss) writes:

ss> Damn, I fouind it earlier. Do a search for canonical, and/or lowercase
ss> and/or regex.

Really, it applies to any map lookup, which is why we haven't run
into any problems...

ss> It's actually funny: Back in ~2000 Weitse sent several E-mails stating
ss> that Postfix lowercased everything because he felt it was simply
ss> unacceptable to require end users to know what CaPiTaLiZaTiOn (he even
ss> typed it that way!) a user name was, even though the RFC specified that
ss> the MTA be case sensitive.

ss> Cut to earlier this year, and he decides to stop lowercasing everything...

Yeah, for one that professes displeasure at inconsistency, it seems
ironic.  When I saw the latest discussion I had a twitch in my gut,
but life has been so hectic lately that I didn't dive in.

Oh well....


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