Trouble with Cyrus IMAP on FreeBSD

Darren Joy darrenj at
Mon Dec 23 22:30:15 EST 2002

I'm having trouble getting a working implementation of Cyrus IMAP on
FreeBSD 4.7 CURRENT. And yes, I am using the ports, it just doesn't seem
to work at all, rather annoying as I expected a "port" to just *work*.

I've an existing 1.6.24 Cyrus IMAP installation, which works like a charm,
however, I'm forced to build a new machine, and I specifically want to use
IMAP over SSL this time, which I don't remember as an option last time,
and I don't want to run inetd, so I was looking to use a newer version.

There seems to be three ports I can use on FreeBSD :

/usr/ports/mail/cyrus		( effectively what I am using already )

I've tried the two newer ports, in various ways, and not got a single one
working completely. They compile fine, but success ends there...

in all cases I've used DB3.

cyrus-imapd2 :

with saslauthd - can add entries to sasldb, that's about it, cyradm
refuses to connect to the server, cannot connect to POP or IMAP server
from anywhere, including localhost.

cyrus-imapd :

with saslauthd - can create entries in sasldb, read them back with
sasldblistusers, however, "cyradm --user admin --auth CRAM-MD5
--server localhost" just hangs, cannot get cyradm to work at all.

with saslauthd disabled and pwcheck instead - partially successful, can
create entries in sasldb, can run cyradm, create mailboxes, log into IMAP
or POP from localhost, all working, except; access from elsewhere gets me
a terminated connection, or the wrapper twist "you are not allowed to use
<pop3|imap> from" even though there are "pop3d : ALL : allow"
and "imapd : ALL : allow" entries in hosts.allow. By adding at the top
of hosts.allow "ALL : ALL : allow" it will work, but that kind of defeats
the point of having wrappers... Looking through the docs doesn't suggest
anything else that needs a clause in hosts.allow, so I am at a loss as to
what's missing. I don't use sieve, disabled in cyrus.conf so I don't think
it's that, adding a clause for lmtpd hasn't helped either.

in all cases, I've pretty much taken the defaults, to reduce chances of
things going wrong (ha!), but no luck.

I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that anything using sasl just isn't
worth the bother, and conceding to stick with unencrypted IMAP/POP and
running inetd. =(

Can anyone give me any ideas?



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